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The Importance of Getting Customer Feedback

Feedback is essential to the learning process. We cannot continue to grow and develop without feedback. Feedback helps us shape our behaviors and actions to meet the expectations of others who interact with us on a regular basis. We get feedback in many different ways in our lives.

This feedback could be in the form of a comment or advice that a friend or colleague might provide to you. Or in business, feedback can come in different forms such as a decrease in sales or lack of repeat business. This is a very poor way to receive feedback from customers because by this time there probably isn’t much you can do with this information. You have lost this business, maybe even forever.

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Alphabet Soup: How to Become a New School Leader

If you pick up a training or human resource magazine these days, you're likely to find at least one article about how to work with, maximize, engage and otherwise lead the "Millennials". Sure it rhymes with perennials, but these people aren't just popping up in the spring, they are with you day-in and day-out in the workplace.

Millennials are also known as "Y's" or the "how to engage generation." Then there are Generation Xers, the boomers, and the echo boomers. It all seems like alphabet soup. Does paying attention to this really make a difference in how things happen at work everyday? Researchers tell us it does.

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