Online Assessments

All of our assessments are administered online, but can be taken with pencil and paper. For more information on any of the assessments and for an online preview, please contact us.

Employee Engagement Survey
If your company is average, 20% of your employees who interact with customers are doing more harm than good. And only two in ten actually work to help improve your company’s performance and customer service.

According to a recent Gallup study, 25% of employees are engaged—they are motivated to improve their company’s performance and provide excellent customer service. Fifty-five percent (55%) are disengaged—they show up and do their jobs, but little else. And 20% are actively disengaged—they are spreading discontent and having a negative impact on customers. Do you know how your company compares to the Gallup data? Have you conducted an employee engagement survey recently?

There’s a strong relationship between employee engagement and customer satisfaction. In fact, here’s what we know for sure.

  • Profit and company growth are primarily the result of customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Engaged employees provide better customer service, leading to greater customer service and loyalty.
  • Companies with engaged employees grow profits as much as 3X faster than their competitors.
  • Engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave your company.

How we Measure Employee Engagement
Our approach to measuring employee engagement is known as the Employee Net Promoter Score (e-NPS). The e-NPS is a powerful way to quickly understand the overall level of engagement of your workforce and the strongest drivers of that engagement.

Results of the survey are divided into three groups: promoters (engaged), passives (disengaged) and detractors (actively disengaged). A score is then derived which ranges between -100 and +100. This score, in addition to providing your current level of employee engagement, serves to benchmark improvements over time.

The e-NPS also asks employees the reasons for their ratings using an unstructured, open-ended question. This tells an organization what it needs to do to address employee concerns in order to change detractors and passives into promoters.

For more information or a no-cost preview, contact us.

Corporate Communication Assessment
The Corporate Communication Assessment (CCA) is a way for your company to evaluate its internal communication practices against standards of quality communication.

The CCA measures and evaluates:

  • Information needs of employees
  • Quality of electronic communications
  • Sources, adequacy and timeliness of information
  • Effectiveness of oral and written communication
  • Effectiveness of multi-cultural communication
  • Level of teamwork and morale
  • Level of productivity and job satisfaction

Communication problems identified by the CCA can be addressed through consultation and/or training offered by Watson Training & Development.