Managing Employee Performance Series

The Managing Employee Performance Series deals with employee performance issues faced by managers and supervisors on a daily basis.  This program has proven to be effective because managers learn new skills, practice the skills, and most importantly, transfer their new skills back to the workplace.

Since managers are responsible for creating a supportive work environment, they will be given a survey that measures employee engagement, which can also be used to determine their leadership effectiveness after the training.

This 3-day (or 6 half-day) program includes a 195-page accelerated learning textbook and access to a website consisting of helpful training resources during and after the training.  The series consists of instructor lecture, class disscussion, case studies and extensive still practice with feedback.  Those completing the progam receive a certificate of completion.

Modules in the Series Include:

  • Understanding Performance Management Strategy
  • Set and Communicate Performance Expectations
  • Understanding People Skills for Solving Performance Problems and Deciding How to Handle Performance Problems
  • Handling “Can’t Do” Performance Problems: The Manager as a Trainer and Coach
  • Handling “Won’t Do” Performance Problems: Motivating, Counseling and Corrective Discipline
  • Integrative Case Studies: Putting all the Pieces Together and Performance Appraisals that Support the Day-to-Day Strategy

For more information and a complete description of the series, please contact us.