Team Building

The Team Building Series is designed for individual work groups wishing to improve their team effectiveness. Prior to team training, members of a team complete an online team assessment to determine how their team is currently functioning. Results of the assessment are then analyzed to determine strengths and development needs on 10 competency dimensions. Training is then offered only in those areas where developmental needs are identified. After training, another assessment is completed to measure improvement.

Each training module includes an effective balance of discussion, individual and group activities and skill practice. Comprehensive workbooks are included with each course. Each module is half a day and intended for all members of work teams.

Modules in the Series Include:

  • Committing to a Team Approach
  • Effective Team Communication
  • Utilizing Team Member Abilities
  • Creating a Shared Team Purpose
  • Planning for Results
  • Making Meetings Work
  • Evaluating Team Process and Performance
  • Making Team Decisions
  • Solving Team Problems
  • Team Climate

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